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Reinstatement of Library Privileges Policy

Individuals may request a reinstatement of their library privileges.  All requests must be submitted in writing to the Library Director.

Code of Conduct Related Incidents

Requests for reinstatement of privileges lost due to behavior in conflict with the Code of Conduct must be submitted in writing to the Library Director. Requests should include a statement demonstrating an understanding of why the behavior that resulted in the loss of privileges is unacceptable in Library facilities and an affirmation that the individual is aware of and understands the expectations for appropriate behavior within the Library.

Factors to be considered during the evaluation of the reinstatement request include the details of the incident that led to the revocation of privileges, the length of time since the incident, the status of the individual’s library account, completion of any requirements imposed by the Court as a result of the incident that resulted in the revocation of privileges and any other information that would attest to the fact that remediation of the behavior that led to the revocation has been achieved.

Health and Safety Suspensions

Individuals who have had Library privileges suspended for violating the 1.3 Health and Safety Policy may request reinstatement upon the ability to demonstrate that the situation that resulted in loss of privileges has been resolved.

For reinstatement requests relating to suspensions due to pest infestation, decisions will be made based upon evidence showing that the address in question has been inspected with no sign of infestation or that the residence has been treated. Confirming information may include copies of receipts for treatment, a letter from a licensed pest control company or a written statement from the owner or property manager of a multi-family rental residence. In some circumstances, proof of a change of residential address may also be accepted.

Decision and Appeal Authority

The Library Director will make decisions about reinstatement of privileges in all cases except those based upon threats or physical harm to another person or possession of a weapon within a Library facility. Decisions of the Director may be appealed to the Library Board. Decisions to reinstate privileges of customers banned for possession of a weapon prohibited by state law within a Library facility or because of threats or physical harm to another person will be made by the Library Board.


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