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Foundation Funding Information Network FAQ

Foundation Center

Q: What is the Foundation Information Network?

A: The Foundation Information Network was established through an agreement with the Foundation Center in 2000.  It is located at the Main library in Abingdon. The Cooperating Collection consists of:

Q: Who can use the materials in the Foundation Information Network?

A: All of the materials in the collection are available free to the public, although the information in the Foundation Directory Online will primarily benefit nonprofit organizations that qualify under IRS code 501 (c) (3) to receive private foundation grants.

Q. Are there resources for grants to individuals or organizations that are not registered non-profits?

A. Yes. The directory, Foundation Grants to Individuals, provides information on foundations that provide funding for individuals. In addition, the Foundation Center’s website has a page of resources for the benefit of individual grantseekers.

Q: What kind of fundraising information is in the print collection?

A: Print directories provide information about grant providers, including contact person and address, funding interests, geographic restrictions, application process and may include information about grants and grantee organizations. The following are some of the resources available.

• Board Members Book
• Corporate Foundation Profiles
• The Foundation Directory
• The Foundation Directory Part 2
• The Foundation Directory Supplement
• The Foundation 1000
• Foundation Fundamentals
• Foundation Grants to Individuals
• Foundation Today Series
• Guide to U.S. Foundations, Their Trustees, Officers and Donors
• The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing
• The Foundation Center’s Guide to Winning Proposals
• National Directory of Corporate Giving
• National Guide to Funding…(series)
• The Foundation Center’s Guide to Grant Seeking on the Web
• Securing Your Organization’s Future

Q: How much does it cost to access the Foundation Information Network?

A: The Foundation Directory Online is free and can be accessed using the public computers at the main library in Abingdon. There is a fee of 15 cents per page for printing.  However, information may be saved to a flash drive or emailed.

Q: I’m new to grant research. Can someone help me?

We provide orientation sessions by appointment. Please call 276-676-6298 to speak with a reference librarian about an orientation. Feel free to leave a message. You can also text “start” to 276-345-0005 and text us your request.

Q: When can I use the resources in the Foundation Information Network?

A: The Foundation Information Network is available during the main library’s regular hours.

Q: Does the Foundation Center, Inc. provide any fundraising resources that are not in the Foundation Information Network?

A: Grantspace.org, a service of the Foundation Center, offers information and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits worldwide that need to know how to secure funding and operate effective organizations. Grantspace.org includes links to Foundation Directory Online Free, an abbreviated search mechanism, and 990 Finder, which is also free.

Q: Are there any fundraising classes or workshops associated with the Foundation Information Network?

A: The Foundation Information Network provides an excellent resource for regional grant writing or fundraising workshops for nonprofits. If you would like to schedule a fundraising workshop at the Washington County Public Library, contact the Reference Department at 276-676-6298.





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